Cisco Driving the Future of Technology in Buildings

Cisco is planning to bring Internet of Things technologies to buildings in a number of innovative ideas included in a new network device specifically designed for buildings.

The Catalyst Digital Building Series Switch was showcased today and is the first built with the needs of digital buildings in mind.

The switch includes new features such as IP convergence, universal power over Ethernet (UPoE), digital building network architecture, easy and smart installation with a fanless design.

Cisco believe that building owners want technology convergence to improve experiences and better efficiencies in their buildings.

The interoperability of the complex building infrastructures is a challenge including lighting, entry systems, security, CCTV, sensors and audio-video equipment not to mention the existing user peripherals like desktops, laptops, VoIP phones etc. Cisco’s vision is focused on all these components connecting via a single low voltage network.

The Catalyst Digital Building Series switch is due release in April, with prices starting at circa £750.